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Muttley's Maid Pet Waste Cleaning Service  720-327-2149

​​​​​​Residential Services ( see notes below)

The prices noted here (effective 4/1/22) apply to established routes only. Any out-of-route days/times/requests must be evaluated and priced accordingly.   The prices noted below include pooper scooper service of your residential property to clean and bag  accumulated pet waste.   Please go to our "Contact Us" page and fill out the form or call 720-327-2149 to schedule regular service. 

                        # of dogs                               1 x wk                          2 x wk                                                

                            One Dog                                        $13.25 avg per visit      $ 10.00 avg per visit         

                                                                                         $57.50/mo                       $87/mo               

                            Two Dogs                                      $15.75 avg per visit       $ 11.54 avg per visit             

                                                                                          $68.25/mo                       $100/mo                     

                           Three Dogs                                    $18.50 avg per visit        $ 13.35 avg per visit              

                                                                                         $80.17/mo                         $115.70/mo              

                            Four Dogs                                     Not Recommended          $15.49 avg per visit               

                                                                                       Not Offered                          $134.25/mo                               

All yards are priced based on a 52 week year and  the average sized Denver residential lot (6250 sq ft).

In our experience 95% of all Denver properties usually fit the above price schedules.   In the event that yours does not, it may be subject to additional fees as follows:  obstacles, rocks, oversized yards, extra large dogs (over 120lbs)  or any other extenuating circumstances that would cause additional cleaning or travel time.    You do not have to be home when we clean your yard, but we must be able to gain access to your property to clean for you.  If you lock your gates, we suggest that you use a combination lock that will allow you to change the combination at will and lost keys will never be an issue.

INITIAL AND ONE TIME CLEANINGS:  If the yard has not been cleaned recently, an initial cleaning fee may apply (but not always).    Our initial cleanings are performed "by-the-bucket" ($60.00 per 5-gallon-bucket - after the first bucket you will be charged per 1/4 bucket at $15.00 per quarter)  for haul away and these cleanings are scheduled separately from a normal route day.   If you are unsure how much pet waste may have accumulated since last your yard was cleaned, we can provide you with a  rough estimate over the phone if you can honestly tell us: a) how many dogs were using the property, b) how long it's been since the yard has been cleaned and if there is any debris or leaves, c) the age and breed of the dogs, and d) what kind/brand of food they've been consuming.   For one time cleanings our minimum trip charge is $50.00.  You will only be charged what is actually removed, even if it's less than the rough estimate.