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As one of Denver Property and District Manager's best kept secrets, Muttley's Maid has been installing and servicing pet waste stations for Colorado Metro Districts, HOA's, Apartments Complexes and commercial concerns since 2004.  

For Commercial Services including pet waste station installation, repair, servicing and maintenance, please call the office at 720-327-2149 or email us at with the following information:  Site map, number of pet waste stations either requested or currently installed,  manufacturer of pet waste station, waste bag style and frequency of service requested.  You may also submit through our contact us form, adding "commercial" in the last box. 

We do not brand our pet waste bags with advertising, or the stations that we maintain.  We can help you decide what type of pet waste station, placement and quantity that would be the most cost-effective for your needs.  Clean and well maintained pet waste stations enhance the areas managed and  keeps your pet waste problems to a minimum.  Dirty, tagged and damaged pet waste stations give the appearance of neglect and tend to downgrade the appearance of the area.  Dont' let that happen to you!  Call 720-327-2149 today!

Pet Waste Station Installation and Maintenance 

Muttley's Maid Pet Waste Cleaning Service  720-327-2149

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You have too much to doo already!